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Dildos, Lesbian Dildo Sex, and much more at Dildo Blog

Dildo Porn

All the content at SexToyTeens is really high definition and not just pretending to be and the site features the best and horniest looking teens that you’ll find on any site on the web. The quality of the content is so good that you’ll feel that you’re right next to the cuties and when they masturbate and toy their tight little pussies and you see their nipples and clitorises harden you’ll believe that you can both smell and touch their tight soft skin! The site has some excellent and very erotic lesbian action too and its members get access to 65 bonus sites via the network and seven of the sixty five are also high definition sites! Right now there’s a 3 day trial for only $1.85 and if it’s still on offer when you check the site then grab it fast because deals don’t get any better!

Dildo Porn

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Dildo Porn

Both the teen action and the hi-def quality at SexToyTeens are almost definitely the best that you’ll find anywhere on the web! The teens on the site look so horny and sexy that when they spread their legs and start to toy their tight pussies you’ll feel like your right there with them and are a part of the action. You’ll smell soft tight skin, hear the gentle purr of a toy and see clitorises harden, and then watch spellbound as the waiting pussies lubricate! SexToyTeens also has some very erotic and arousing lesbian action too and there are plenty of free promos to check out too. Members of the site get access to 65 bonus sites, 7 of which are also high definition ones, so go take a look at the tour!

Dildo Porn

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Huge Dildo Sex

SexToyTeens is a true high def site that features fantastic looking teens that look so tremendously sexy and horny that when they spread their legs and start toying their tight little pussies you’ll feel like you want to take the toys out of their hands and replace them with your rock hard dick. The quality is so good that you’ll feel that you’re in the same room as the action and believe that you can even smell the smooth soft skin. SexToyTeens has some very erotic and arousing lesbian action too and there are plenty of free promos that you can go check out now. Members of the site get access to seven additional high definition sites to so go check out the tour right now!

Huge Dildo Sex

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Fling works, I tried it!

I’d been feeling pretty bored with my sex life for awhile. Tom is crazy sexy and all, but our love life had just gotten bland, and I had always wondered what it would be like with a woman. The soft skin and sexy curves… Mmm, I liked to play with my clit and pretend it was a gorgeous soft redhead with full perky breasts toying with me. I’d always have an intense orgasm with that fantasy. So, when my friend at work, Jill, told me about the great experience she had with I decided to give it a try. I didn’t like cheating, but I was so turned on by the idea of being with a woman I just had to do it. I put my profile up, and right away found this perfect red haired beauty that totally fit my fantasy. We exchanged a few pictures and decided we should meet ASAP. I told Tom that Jill and I were going to have a little “ladies’ night out,” and I’d be back sometime tomorrow. I met Ashley, the redhead, at her hotel and she gave me an evening to remember. She knew I hadn’t been with a woman before, and was nervous. “Just do what you like to have done,” she said as she guided my mouth to her hairless cunt. I sucked on her clit eagerly as she moaned, trying my best to give her an orgasm. After she came, she ordered me to my knees as she put on her big grape colored strap-on. Crawling up behind me, she slid her hands around my body and pulled me up and began fondling my breasts, the dildo rubbing between my legs, hitting my clit perfectly. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over my body as Ashley slowly slid the dildo inside me and worked at my clit with her fingers. I came so many times that night. It was the most amazing experience, and I can’t wait to find more sexy women on FLING!

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Lesbian Anal Action

Lesbian Anal Fun

lesbian dildo action

The cool spring breeze gently blew across my face as Janet and I stood together admiring our newly purchased backyard. “Isn’t it exciting?” she asked. Instead of answering, I smirked, pulling her down on to a piece of our new outdoor furniture, kissing her passionately. We kissed for a few moments before I began to slide my hand up her inner thigh. She laughed, “What if the neighbors see?” I smiled, “We’ll charge them a fee,” and began sliding off her dress exposing her breasts. They are perfect. Not too big, not too small, exactly a handful, and soft for nuzzling as I lick and tease her nipples. “Hrm, this basket of toys seems to be out here for some reason,” I said as I held up her favorite translucent bubblegum vibrator. She sticks her tongue out at me, then leans back and spreads her legs, murmuring seductively, “make me come.” I get right to work, kissing her as I run the vibrator slowly back and forth over her swollen clit. After several minutes, she asks, “what else is in that basket?” I stop for a moment and hold something up to her, “Your little anal dildo and lube appeared out her as well.” She smiles brightly and grabs both from me, quickly lubing up the small red vibrator and slipping it into her ass, as I slip the larger, pink, vibrator into her cunt. “Should I call you my little anal whore?” I whisper in her ear, and she moans loudly, “Oh yes!” But I doubt her intention was to answer me, as she’s feverishly working the dildo in and out of her eager ass. I remove the dildo from her cunt, and take hold of the anal toy. “Get on your knees and let me fuck your ass.” She rolls over obediently, and I slip the little vibrating cock back into her butt. Her reactions are amazing to watch, I swear she comes harder when something is her ass, the little pervert. She orgasms more than once and we kiss again. Now Janet smiles wickedly at me, “it’s your turn!” and picks up the larger vibrator. She slips it into my pussy and begins gently fucking me with it. “Mmmm, that feels good. Would you do a girl a favor and lick my ass too sweetie?” I ask as I bend over to give her access. I’m not much for anal penetration, but a warm tongue feels very nice. It isn’t long before I come too, and we lean back in the chair cuddling. Janet grins at me, “I think this will be a fun backyard, don’t you?”

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What I do for fun

fuck buddy
It had been a long week of classes and I was looking forward to the weekend. I switched on the computer and checked my e-mail. Lo and behold, there was a message on FLING from Craig and Laura – they were interested in a little fun time on Saturday. Perfect – I could use a break. I sent them a confirmation message and grabbed a bag to pack. I reflected on what I would need to bring: I knew Laura really enjoyed my comically oversized strawberry-colored rubber dildo, so I would definitely bring that. Craig had an odd fondness for my little buttplug with “erotic sensation-enhancing massagers” – he apparently enjoyed it so much last time the three of us hooked up that Laura messaged me afterwards saying that Craig would appreciate it if I brought it next time. Into the bag it went. I stowed a couple bottles and jars of various personal lubricants and some other random toys. My bag packed, I shucked my clothes and hopped into the shower. I stood under the steaming jet of water and let my mind wander to our previous sessions. Laura’s perky breasts were comforting to nuzzle, and Craig always got a kick out of watching me do so. His toned physique turned me on as well, and mine to him. Once we had our fill of skin-on-skin contact, the real fun would begin. Out came the toys in all shapes and sizes. The dildo foreplay lasted for hours sometimes, tempting and teasing each other… I just cannot believe how easy it was to meet a couple like Laura and Craig on FLING. I have met many other bisexual girls and couples on FLING, and continue to meet new ones quite often, but Laura and Craig are ALWAYS available when I want a FLING

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Piper Fawn, Dildo Feet

Piper Fawn

Piper Fawn

I think Miss Piper Fawn is from the Czech Republic, but I dont really care. What I do care about is that she is a cute and sexual teen who loves to show off her feet. This gallery starts off with Piper wearing nothing but a thong, at first she looks suprised when she finds her dildo, and then she figures out that this is no suprise, but it is infact official world wide dildo time. So because Piper is a good girl, and she conforms to most norms of life she is not one who skips dildo time. She sticks the dildo in her mouth and sucks on it to make it warm and then she puts the dildo in her tight teen pussy. Nice girl, nice dildo, nice pussy, nice gallery! Check it out.

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A day in the life of Nella’s Glass Dildo

Nella’s Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo

Nella and her dildo get along great. She sucks it, and puts it up her ass, and in her pussy, and generally takes good care of it by cleaning it and storing it in a safe place, and sometimes she lets it play with her other sex toys. A day in the life of Nella’s glass dildo pretty much involves being taken out of her sock drawer, washed in steaming hot water, and then being placed in Nellas mouth and being sucked for a few minutes. After Nella is finished sucking on the dildo to get it the perfect tempature she then slightly places the dildo in her pussy and that is when the real fun starts. Nella’s dildo is wiggled around, and thrust in and out and in and out and out and in and in and out some more. When Nella finally gets off she relaxes for awile, and then washes the dildo off with warm water and places it neatly back in her sock drawer until the next time she is ready to masturbate.

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Serene Dream and The Intergalactic Dildo

The Intergalactic Dildo

Super Dildo

Serene Dream is a sexy girl who loves dildos, but she is no ordinary girl, so your typical dildo is no match for her pussy. Miss Serene is a super hero babe, so she needs a SUPER dildo. Her favorite dildo is pictured in this gallery and it is called The Intergalactic Dildo because it is a super dildo from outerspace. This chick is fucking crazy, she gets so wild with her masturbation that she will use one hand to put a gun down her throat while using the other hand to hold the dildo in place, so if you think you have a shot with her you better be able to take a dildo to the face and a gun up the butt!

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Blonde Lesbian Dildo Love

Lesbian Dildo Fucking

lesbian dildo fucking

Beautiful blonde lesbian bombshells. is who we have to thank for bringing these two hotties together to shoot this wonderful photo set. They were each told to show up to the shoot with their own personal dildos, and as soon as they saw each other they went nuts! It was as if the photographer was not even in the room! The blondes just started licking each other, licking their dildos, putting their didlos in their pussy and each others pussies, and it was just out of control lesbian action! Both dildos had the ability to vibrate so of course they were taking advantage of the good vibrations and enjoying the fuck out of themselves! If you are a fan of blondes, lesbians, dildos, or all of the above then you MUST see this gallery!

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